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I've just gotten home from the store - went food shopping - and along the way got a haircut. Not that we have drive-by-hairdressers over here, but there happens to be one on the way to the store, lol. Anyway, I usually do my own hair as it comes down to taking the trimmer and shaving most of it off, but around the ears and the back of the neck is always a bit of a struggle. So I decided to give it a shot and for the €11 that it cost me, I'm quite pleased with the result. Nicely trimmed, clean neck, everything I needed.

In a couple of minutes I'll be heading off to the kitchen to prepare food to take to work. I'll have to boil eggs, fry a chicken breast, cut tomatoes and radish, then throw it all in a large container and mix and cool it. I've got cheese, a salad mixture and various nuts to go with it, along with some mackerel. Seems like a perfectly balanced fresh meal to me.

Yesterday I went store hopping for a pair of swim shorts, and a couple of T-shirts and I've come to the conclusion that "stores only carry sizes for tiny/small/skinny people". I'm not fat, I'm just big boned.

Off to cook I go!


Just to prevent myself from forgetting, here are my best wishes for a nice, warm, stressless stay on Ibiza. Enjoy the vacation!

Since I'm in the tiny/small etcetera category and have the same feeling about conclusion is that you have to fit in whatever they are selling or join a naturist group where, for sure, I'll be to white or to tanned or whatever you can imagine ! My conclusion: what the hell is going on with size, shape or color ? I don't mind, I know who I am and finally accepted it. Maybe you can think it over.

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