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Ola amigos del Belgica; eso so Joco.

Saturday afternoon, only 2 days to go... time flies if you're having fun, even if this means doing nothing at all all day long.

As you've all been reading above, we spend our days by doing exactly what we are good at, for me personally this means, in random order: eating, watching bikini's, monokini's and things that have no name cause they are way too small to deserve a name, and of course : drinking cuba libres (although today they suddenly don't taste that good anymore - I think my body doesn't like the coca-cola anymore) .

This together makes days in Ibiza almost perfect, but let me be honest, although having great fun all day long, during nights, I miss that perfectly sweet lady that has been in my arms at night for over 13 years now, you all know who I mean, the lovely Eef.

The attention from our new friend Petra does not help at all :) Although it's nice to realise that even bad looking men with a huge stomache get attention from the other side. Damn I felt strange when things turned out she was after me instead of ServMe. This was not the plan behind it... life is strange.

But I'm just trying to turn this into my advantage, I think I'm the only one in the hotel getting personal drink service at the pool... but it's now really neccessary she understands that nothing at all could help her getting even closer to me. I told her about Eef, the kids, and all she replies is : you're in Ibiza, they are not... like if this changes things... no way!!

Anyway, back to normal life in 2 days, damn I'll be glad to have Eef in my arms again, and my 2 lovely sons Alex and Michael. I bought the kids some nice presents, found some nice things for Eef, and for myself of course the henna tattoo, which is great and I really think about getting a permanent one just like this one, but I'll have to speak to Eef about it first cause she should of course like it aswell.

Being here, walking at the beach during the nights makes you realise what's really important in life...

I always knew I loved the 3 of them, but never really realised how much, until being away for 7 days, only hearing them a few minutes a day during telephone conversations. Does this mean I regret the trip?

Not at all!!!

This was the best choice I could have made after quiting my job, I needed some time away, to let some things go through my mind, and not fall into the well know dark hole, and the death of Peter 3 weeks ago made me realise again that we should live in the "now", use the experience from the past, look forward to explore the future, but enjoy life now, every day you live.

Suddenly, carpe diem seems normally to me. Strange after 14 years of hard working and to less enjoyment.

Tomorrow, we think about going into sea with a catamaran and some jetski's, could be real fun but I hope the weather will not be as today : being too hot to handle. It feels like 35 degrees in the sun.. when laying on the beach/at the pool, I start to understand how cokes feel when dropped into a barbeque that is been fired up :)

While writing this post (ServMe is in the shower) I'm looking outside on our terrace, a huge ferry just arrived, the size of a skyscraper, our hotel would fit into it like 50 times I guess. Damn, this post is getting to serious now, must be ServMe's influence :)

Anyway, time to have a siesta... I'm still a little ill, I keep coughing all day long. The medicine does not help, so I
need to go to a doctor when back in Belgica.

Ciao bella's !!!

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