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Joco describes it as "loud banging", almost like an amplified heartbeat on steroids, while I'd use the words "light buzz". I guess cuba libre and wodka lemon have a different effect on the type of headache one has in the morning. I'll probably be rewriting the next paragraph a couple of times, so if you read it again and suddenly wonder if there wasn't anything else written before, you could be right. I won't be doing that to "protect the innocent", but to work toward a text that accurately describes my own view on it. Yes, there is a 50% possibility this will end up in a deep and meaningful post, but it could as well end up as a shallow bunch of filler. I'll find out as I shape it in writing and in my mind.

When we were sitting outside having drinks with a couple of other guests - a German couple and three Americans - we were having quite some fun. Joco went to play in a table tennis tournament organised by the animators in the hotel and thus met a lot of new people. I on the other hand opted to stay out in the sun and read a couple of more pages in my book. This in itself is quite a clear exemple of the difference between the two of us.

Later during the evening, as some people were following a dancing lesson inside, out walks one of the waitresses and we get to chat a bit, and Joco has a dance with her, all in jest and fun. A couple of minutes later he tells me that he thinks she might be looking for something else as well. I agree nor disagree simply because I haven't got a clue, but if he says so, I tend to believe him. He reads people well, I don't read them at all.

Fast forward a couple of hours and the evening is coming to an end - in the hotel that is at least - and the same waitress walks over to the table again, cleaning things up. We start talking again and learn that her name is Petra. I check when she's getting off from work and it turns out she'll be off in 30 minutes or so and whether we'd like to join her in a local bar - Amnesia, the one we were at earlier, remember? - but Joco refuses and I'm quite torn about it. On the one hand I wouldn't mind hitting the bar with her, she's fun and outgoing and speaks practically perfect English, but at the same time I feel it's just not my thing. I'm not a social guy, really. Anyway, after mulling it over for a couple of minutes - Joco is getting a bit irritated by now that I'm not jumping on the opportunity - I get up and head to the hotel room for a shower and a change of clothes.

By the time I get back, Joco tells me that she's off to take a shower too, and to meet her at the local bar. I head over there and meet some of the other hotel guests sitting accross the street in another pub. I walk up and down the street a couple of times, waiting for Petra to arrive, chatting with the guests in the other pub, and at the same time keeping an eye open for her. I finally get in to Amnesia, order a coupe of Cuba Libres and wait patiently. At the same time I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing. When the clock reads 01h45 or so I decide to call it a night and head back to the hotel. Petra never showed according to me. Got back in the room, hit the bed - I'm not only a bit wasted, but also a bit pissed off to be honest - and fall asleep.

On friday morning - I should say "around noon" we get out of bed and head off to the hotel bar. Ten minutes later, who shows up? Petra. As she walks by us, I check with here as to where she was last night? The answer is surprising, yet not really : "I was at the bar, where were you?" I was at the bar, too - no, we couldn't have missed each other as there was maybe 5 people in there tops - and left around 01h45. Her reply "Oh I get there around 02h00" sounds honest to Joco, but I have my doubts. She leaves us to go do some other work and then heads back to the table, stands behind Joco and rubs his shoulders. All the pieces are now falling into place for me. She never came out to meet me in the bar. She wasn't interested in me either, but in him, lol. Good luck trying to seduce him, I doubt it'll work ;-)

Funny how things go, ain't it? The one time I actually go out and give it a shot, I get the door slammed into my face, hard. Do I blame Joco? I certainly don't - though I'll play with him a bit regarding what happened coz I know he sort of feels bad about it, lol - nor do I blame her. The only one that was the stupid fool here is me. Now if Joco reads this he'll tell me I didn't do something foolish and that I was damn right to take the shot, but while knowing that he's right about it, it doesn't feel that way.

Evolution is all about adapting to situations. However, if you stay in the cornfield and don't stick your head out, you're perfectly fine, and if you finally gather enough courage to take a peek, you may get your head chopped off. If for every successful peek you take, you have to get your head chopped off several times, I wonder whether it is all worth it? Some will say it definitely is, but I tend to disagree. As I said before : you can't change the nature of the beast.

I'm a "not so social geeky type of guy" that actually feels quite fine alone. I surely need some interaction and companionship, but I think I can get by with very little. The possibly most surprising part is that the confidence I lack in my private social life, I have in abundancy in my professional life. Go figure.

Now that I'm thinking it all over, that duality really shows in my blog posts as well. I often post about technical topics, give advice and point out where things are going wrong, but all of those are non threathening to me : they are well defined facts, conclusions and ideas. I hardly post anything about who I am - because I don't know who I am myself. Which is a very scary feeling sometimes...

Lol, look where a simply night out in Ibiza gone wrong lead to. I'm spilling heart and soul, and I think I won't be editing the post after all. It's fine as it is and apart from maybe a tiny edit replacing one word for another to better explain things, this seems fitting.

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