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Quite a few new faces in the restaurant today, so a new load of tourists arrived I guess. Most of them are Thomas's though - we decided to use code to quickly relay to oneanother what language people speak, so we don't freely comment on people not realising they actually understand us. "Thomas" is code for German, "Pascale" is code for English and "Botten" is code for Italian. I don't think we ran into French people just yet. We don't have code for Dutch or Spanish as in case of Dutch we assume they speak multiple languages - as we both do - and we while we don't understand a bit of Spanish ourselves, it is pretty safe to assume they don't understand Dutch either. The hottie traveling with mom I mentioned earlier, turns out to be a Thomas according to Joco's intel by the way. Scheisse - I understand a bit of German, but speak none and don't feel any connection to the language either, making any attempt to conversate with anyone in German laughable at best and foolish for sure.

English and even French pose much less of a challenge to be honest. While the language of Moliere is not something I use often outside my place of work, I have little to no fear using it being well aware that my sentences are far from perfect, but I can get my point across without too much problems. I even use (very basic) Spanish to interact with Hotel staff if I can, because I know they appreciate the effort, and even a bad attempt goes a long way. Besides, ordering a Wodka Lemon and a Cuba Libre ain't all that hard, no matter what language you use, lol!

Oh, before I forget : While taking a stroll through the streets surrounding the hotel, we were propped by a gorgeous girl with long blond hair, a smile to die for and eyes to drown in. She was wearing a white snug fitted top, a mini miniskirt and long white leather boots that really showed off her long legs. If she had been selling apartments in Ibiza, I probably would have bought one. Being well aware that she was a propper, I decided to play along and we followed her to a pub a couple of meters down a small street. We ended up
paying 15 euro for 4 cocktails - it was buy one, get one free, so we actually only ordered 2 - that contained little to no actual alcohol if you ask me. Joco felt the same way about it, though he was paying more attention to the waitress that sported an "I love blue jeans" top - which was green - then the actual contents of his glass. Allow me to correct that : I think he was paying more attention to the contents of the t-shirt and blue jeans. No matter how nice the wrapping is, it's the content that counts, ain't it?

While laying at the pool today, I realized something important about myself and my life in general : you can't change your nature.

Update 17:45 :

Joco just popped in again, proudly showing off his arm. Wait, allow me to correct that : his now tattooed arm. I should have know that the sun and the heat would leave some sort of trace on at least one of us, grin. It's a henna tattoo though, to see whether he likes the placement, design and feeling of a tattoo. Maybe I should have started off by writing that it was a temporary one, instead of wondering whether anyone fainted while reading this entry.

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Good you mentionned the tattoo is a henna one. I read it with wide open eyes. Didn't faint though. :-)

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