Ibiza blog Part 4

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14-05-2008 13:39

Ended up going to bed early last night because we both were pretty tired. It's bizarre how spending a full day on the beach laying in the sun and reading a book and looking at women can wear you out. Joco wasn't feeling too well - still coughing a lot, but it seems to be improving - so decided to call it a day around eleven PM I think. Then spent a couple more hours having fun with one playing a song on the ipod and the other one naming title and performing artist. In fact us playing the game could come in handy as the animation team of the hotel is organizing a music quizz around 21h30 today, lol.

After going through over 1100 songs - skipped some though - we both turned to fall asleep but failed miserably. Ended up having long talks and didn't fall asleep till 3 after chasing some very persistent mosquitos away.

I didn't wake till eleven this morning and had a slight headache - which I still have now - and it ain't from drinking too much I suppose, though I had a fair share of wodka lemons throughout the day. Skipped breakfast as they had stopped serving it by the time we arrived. Joco proposed to rent a scooter to go explore the island, but it didn't really float my boat, so We decided to part ways and meet at the hippiemarket, but I never made it there. After standing around for 20 minutes waiting for a bus to arrive I called it quits and took a long stroll along the beach instead, all the way over to the town of Ibiza, which is about 3 kilometers give or take a bit.

Off to have dinner now and I think I'll head back off to the pool, even though it's quite windy and cloudy today. It's still dry, and even with the overcast skies, the temperature is very nice. Most bikinis are swapped for a top though it seems, but I'm sure that's only a temporary set back.

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