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I know some of you dread my technical or privacy related posts, but if I didn't feel the absolute need to post about these topics, I probably wouldn't. However, privacy and freedom is something you only learn to value when it's taken away from you, so there is a need to vigilant about it.

How many of you know that laptops and other electronic devices can be searched when crossing borders? It happens frequently when entering the USA, but according to the article Crossing Borders with Laptops and PDAs it is also a common practice in other countries such as the UK.

While I didn't take all precautions while traveling with my laptop, it was (and remains) completely encrypted with a strong password and all content that wasn't needed specifically was removed before packing it.

While you should in fact wonder why it is that officials are allowed to search your devices - wouldn't that amount to reading your snail mail? - it may be too late to turn those regulations around, so you better come prepared.

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