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Click Crime by Mark Rasch. Interesting article that might give us all a peek at what's heading our way. In case you don't feel like reading through it - damn you, lazy bastard :D - let me attempt to make it easy for you by giving a non technical example :

You get or find a leaflet that states : "car with keys in ignition can be found at <location>". If you actually go there, you are arrested for grand theft auto (not referring to the GTA4 game, lol), even though you only claim to have been there to take a peek, nothing else. Call it curiosity, call it stupidity, who knows? Maybe your intention was to actually drive off with the car. Now transpose that to the invitation to clicking an internet link that promises to lead to illegal content, and actually clicking it.

If you've even seen the movie "Minority Report" you may see where I think this is heading, and if you go a little further back, think "1984" by George Orwell.

While the article quite correctly states "as few in society are willing to be seen as coddling or protecting child pornographers", you must always remember that if you don't speak up when they take away the rights of someone else, who will speak up when they knock on your door?

I'm not defending pedophiles or condoning child abuse. However, in order to have freedom, you'll also see - to some extend - abuse of that freedom. Which would you value most : freedom and some abuse, or no freedom at all and hence no abuse. I value my freedom very highly and will gladly accept that some will abuse it. The day they take away my freedom (physical, mental, perception of it, whatever) is the day I head for my final check out.

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