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I'm in the second week of my training for a new position in my current job, and today was one of these days where you've been very busy all day long, yet when someone were to ask "what have you done today?" you wouldn't be able to give them an answer that makes sense.

I'm picking up new things, skills and tasks daily and some of those are very easy - especially as I already have quite some experience for my previous position(s) to fall back on - while others prove to be more challenging. I'll continue to "run along" for the rest of the week, but on Monday I'll be testing the waters and checking whether I can start doing the job on my own, with a more experienced team leader not far away in case I mess up or forget important things. I know that the best way to learn it to do it yourself. Today I already did quite a lot of the tasks at hand, but I still lack an overview of everything that makes up the job.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me so far, is that I find it to be more enjoyable than I expected at first.

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