A. Quick. Update.


Even though it's way past bed time for most - including me - I wanted to make a quick post to show people I am still alive and kicking. In fact, I kicked myself into gear over the weekend and vacuumed most of the place on Saturday. Sunday I may kick myself again, and finish cleaning things up, who knows.

I ordered 2GB of extra RAM for the Dell box I've got, and ideally it could also use a more beefed up video card, but it being a Small Form Factor box, I doubt a regular card would fit, and replacing one 128MB card with another seems a waste of cash to me. I'll see if the spare RAM makes things run even faster first - if not, the cash (less than 40 euro) spent on it ain't that hefty a loss anyway.

Off to bed now, otherwise I'll never wake up before noon :)


I thought you had a Roomba to do the vacuuming for you, no?

I do, or rather I did. Unfortunately, last year Olga broke down and I've neglected getting her fixed till now. Good idea though, I may take care of that on Friday after taking the car in for maintenance.

It's probably the battery that died, or the charger that's broken.

Can we help you out with Olga? We have several units to test your Olga with.

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