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Has it really been that long since I updated? Has another month gone by? Before I realize it'll be 2009!

I've got little to share, as life mainly consists of RL work, SL work, and sleep. No exciting things have happened, and I don't see anything exciting happening in the near future, though of course one never knows. Much fun was had last Sunday when we went out to the pub after work to meet up with an old colleague and have a couple of pints. Fun fun fun!

Oh, I talked to Jarhead on Friday and agreed to start the training for the new position. It'll take quite a while before I'm done, and certain parts of the job really rub me the wrong way I suppose but when he asked whether I was certain as I expressed my doubts about it, I replied that I once I commit, I take my job very serious. I guess he should have known that by now...

Anyway, maybe more changes then I recalled when starting to write out this post, lol.

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Looking forward to hear more about the training and the new position.

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