Yawns, frowns and looks dazed

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It's gonna be one heck of a long day. I went off to bed pretty early last night - before ten - and then read a couple of more pages in "The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick and turned off the lights around eleven. Woke up around 4, took a leak and had something to drink before I went back to bed. Tossed and turned for another 15 minutes before I decided to continue reading my book for a while. Turned the lights back off around 6 and lay awake listening to the birds whistling their songs outside. Finally got out of bed around 7 and have been up since. Am starting to yawn already, but it's too late to head back to bed now, so I'll have to push myself to stay awake. Off to work in a couple of hours and won't be home till late. Guess I'll head off to bed pretty quickly after that.

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