Shaping my country


My virtualSecond country in NationStates is definitely starting to reflect the political and general choices I make (or would make) in life. Today I had to decide upon the following issues : cars versus bicycle usage and whether or not to allow euthanasia in certain circumstances. Both rather interesting issues and while the final result may differ from what I had in mind, I'm following my own lead and believe that the outcome will prove to be beneficial to my residents, though maybe only in the long run.

Ruling a country is looking ahead, and that sometimes means making very difficult decisions with immediate negative impact, while the positive outcome in the distant future remains less certain. I really like this kind of game and am already looking forward to what'll be on my plate tomorrow.


my economy is getting worse and worse lol (then again, irl I also suck at economy, so maybe that's just normal then...)

Oh, didn't know you started a nation too? Let me know which one it is, then I can add it to my intel report and keep an eye open.

NS is down right now it seems, dammit, I want issues to tackle!

hmm I had sent my nation name as a comment on the first blog you posted on Nationstates... guess it didn't come through for some reason. My nation is Buckbeaks Birdies :-)

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