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After watching Cloverfield in the theater - enjoyable, but nothing more - I took a stroll through the city and noticed something remotely funny : a cab driver that looked like Rod Steward, lol! Yeah, I admit I'm easily amused every now and then.

When I got home and parked my car in the garage outside, I noticed the light on in the garage next door. That box is owned and used by my neighbors. At first I just thought "too bad, they're gonna have a slightly higher electricity bill" but somehow something must have tipped me off. I took a step back, then back towards the door and heard a soft sound.

Couldn't yet make out what it was, so I took a couple of steps towards the other end of the door and leaned closer again. Crap! It's the engine of a car running! Leaving the lights on when getting out of your car and closing the garage door is one thing, leaving the car running something entirely different. I sniffed for the smell of fumes but wasn't too certain whether or not I could smell the exhaust. Having gathered enough data, I knocked on the garage door but there was no answer. I grabbed the handle and swung the door open, to see my neighbor laying in his car, engine running. Holy fuck! I'm not the best friends with them - we are just neighbors, we greet when we meet each other in the street - but this is not a situation where you think, you just act. I moved in quickly, opened the drivers side door and shut down the engine. Then I started poking him and asking him if everything was ok. About 30 seconds later he opened his eyes, looking all confused.

We started having a conversation, but his replies didn't make all that much sense. He said he came home about 20 minutes earlier and that he had a bit too much to drink. I asked him several times whether he was planning on something specific but he denied time after time. I told him to get out of the car, into fresh air and upstairs to his apartment, which he did.

The questions that remains now are the following : "did I intervene with a suicide attempt?", "was he just drunk and fell asleep, not realizing that he was still in the car?", "if that's the case, why was the garage door shut?!", and finally "should I talk to someone about it?". The final question could either be his wife, or cops or whatever. (No need to answer that last question anymore, I called a 24/7 lifeline and presented the situation to them. They advised me to talk to his wife first chance I get, which I'll definitely do.)


wow! You saved someone's life! That must feel good... although if it was indeed a suicide attempt I doubt your neighbor will be very grateful.
Hopefully after you talk to his wife they'll come up with a solution together that doesn't involve dying.

This story gave me goosebumps. You absolutely did save the man's life.

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