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I had another day off tomorrow, but my site supervisor just called to check whether I could come in and work a day shift, to which I said yes. I could as easily have said no, but as I had nothing else planned really, why not?

Apart from that, I'm currently dealing with a major ethical dilemma that I can't seem to find the answer too. Going out to work won't help me reach a solution I guess, and it may even be a way to push the issue back a bit more. I guess I may hope that things resolve themselves, but I really doubt it. If I follow my heart, nothing gets done and things slowly continue sliding downhill. If I think rationally, I make the difficult decision and protect my investments. If I keep pushing the issue away, I may end up with a bad feeling and a loss of material objects, so all things considered, that could be the worst option.

Crap - once again I come to the conclusion - opposite to popular belief that it's better to have loved and get hurt than to have never loved at all - that opening myself up bites me in the ass, again. Yet cutting everyone and everything out from reaching me doesn't seem like such a good plan either, does it?

(finishes post and mulls over the issue at hand a bit more)


And right you are! Bottling things up is no solution.

My F&C class has me reading this book of short stories on ethics. The fact that it's so damned cryptic and yet I read it and stupidly try to understand, could make me somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on the subject.

What you've said here sounds like something the philosophical dude says in the book; something I'm stupidly trying to understand!

Ethics could be best compared to a ball of yarn, with knots, loose ends and huge lengths of intertwined colors. Untying it yourself is a huge undertaking and quite often isn't even possible for 100%, let alone trying to explain what it is your struggling with to others.

I do admit though that the post itself was cryptic on purpose. It was a way to put some ideas into order, and reflect upon them as I wrote them out. Very few people would understand what I was writing about, but those that did have given me their view on things, and they only were able to do so because they had additional information.

I believe it'll be very hard to actually ever truly understand "ethics" especially as we all are different and have a very personal look on things.

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