Blue Monday

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For a Monday, I've accomplished quite some goals I had set for myself. Well, I write "for a Monday" but to me the day ain't different from any other day, it's just that some people who work only weekdays dread Mondays.

Anyway, I went shopping for food and some cleaning stuff I needed, I checked the new location of the vet (she moved) and I just finished arranging a visit to the garage to take the car in for maintenance. Over the next month I'll be working lots of day shifts, meaning I need to plan better what can be done when. The positive side of working days is having weekends off and the ability to actually watch some TV during the evening and not having to revert to recorded shows, DVD's or late night reruns. Not that I watch a whole lot of TV, but it could prove a nice change.

Off to do some laundry now. Cleaning up the place is for later tonight, or during the week, possibly the weekend depending on how well I feel up to it. Got everything I need to actually do it, so no more excuses apart from... not feeling like it, lol!

1 Comment

Not feeling like it, is an acceptable excuse. ;-)

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