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I had hoped I could avoid posting urgent update news for a couple of days, but it seems nothing is safe these days. On tuesday, no less than 12 new patches for Microsoft Windows and related applications will be released, some will be rated critical and require patching asap.

Onto third party applications : Adobe has released updates for Acrobat and Acrobat Reader (the tool you use to open and read .pdf files). Unfortunately, the patches that close some vulnerabilities are only available for Acrobat Reader 8 and not Acrobat Reader 7. Exploits are in the wild and attack vectors right now include mass mailing as well as banners served on otherwise legit portals. My suggestion : update immediately to Acrobat Reader 8.1.2. While at it, make sure your flash player version is up to date as well.

Firefox was bumped to version patching 10 issues of which 3 were deemed critical. Thunderbird patches are hopefully to follow soon. Update : according to one source (Hacker Webzine) version is still vulnerable to some directory traversal exploit. Using the NoScript plugin would mitigate abuse till a new and better patched version appears, probably version

If you have trouble keeping up with new releases or have no clue how to stay up to date or where to download, I'll once again suggest installing the Secunia Personal Software Inspector. Download from the secunia website : Secunia PSI.


I think you'll be posting this kind of news even more often in the future. I just heard on the news that the number of new viruses has doubled since last year and even quadrupled since 2 years ago!!!
Patch, people, patch!! And don't forget to update your antivirus and scan regularly!! (I think we're lucky we have someone like ServMe to remind us once in a while :-) )

You are absolutely essential to my computer, Servme! Thx for the information!

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