Down for maintenance


This blog may become unavailable, unreachable or unreadable over the next few hours. We will be performing maintenance on the front and back end. A notice will be made in this post when we're doing banging on things.

Update : Back end maintenance 75% completed. Now cleaning up remainders. Starting front end maintenance next.

Update 2 : Maintenance completed. Additional identity verification options have been enabled. You can now also comment using your OpenID, LiveJournal or Vox identity.

Update 3 : Thunderbirds are go! If you experience any issues, please mail me about it.

Update 4 (7 hours later) : I managed to ban my own IP address for all of the domains on the server, grin. I should have noticed when I wasn't able to access some of my other domains, but as the blog here was fine, I figured it was a hiccup. When I wasn't able to access even more sites hosted on the same machine, I knew something was amiss. Luckily I had a good clue what it could be so I removed the incorrect entry and regained access.

Even though it was fixed easily, I wonder where and when I managed to ban myself. A new UI is always a bit tricky at first, but I'd guess I would have noticed such an action. Unless... one of the automated security scripts kicked in and banned me. Almost certain that's what happened. Now I only need to figure out which one, and why.


Testing the various functions

Second comment to verify that enabling captcha's in the system doesn't mess things up.

(it did - disabled again)

It looks like you've managed.

I love to see another Thunderbird-lover!
I'd use: are those saftyshoes?
Cu Pukie

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