A Green(er) Christmas?

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I don't really consider myself a Christmas lover. The religious - if any is still attributed to the happening - connection is totally lost on me, and while a Christmas tree with all those blinking lights definitely creates a nice and cozy atmosphere, I rarely bother going through the effort to put up a tree and decorate it. That being said, I always enjoy it when I go to places where people have gone through the ritual of selecting a tree, and getting all the decorations from the storage room they reside in 355 days of the year, gathering dust.

Christmas Lights are festive, they are meant to make people feel joyous and caring. But are they green as well? I definitely think that wasting a load of energy on lighting a tree when no one is around is a waste of... energy (you didn't see that one coming, did you?)

The time that a the lighting of the tree - or for some people a complete house - ate through your wallet can be gone however. Incandescent bulbs are still around and available, but really should be replaced with more energy conservative alternatives if you ask me. If you wanted a lot of light, you could go for Halogens but they are far from environmentally friendly and they emit not only a ton of light but also heat, and having them close to your tree is a recipe for disaster.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a much better choice when it comes to preserving energy, but their style doesn't really match the occasion, though I must say that they have become much more fashionable over the past years.

Nah, the best way to decorate your tree in a fitting way would be LED Christmas Lights. Light Emitting Diodes are low on energy, they emit hardly any heat and the size and versatility in use makes them a perfect fit to swirl them all over and under the ornaments. If you want to go all the way and create the brightest house on the block, with reindeer outside, Santa riding his sled and illuminated gifts all over the snowy garden, LED rope lights won't stifle your creativity, nor cripple your wallet.

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