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I started off the new year in quite a good and unselfish way I guess. As I was driving home, I took the exit off the highway and turned left onto the underpass to continue my way home. A car was sitting in the left lane, four indicators blinking to warn others for the hazard it was obviously causing. As I drove by, I noticed a woman grabbing something out of the trunk and thought not much else of it. As I continued my way home, I started thinking that maybe it would be wise to make a U-turn and see if I could lend a hand.

After all, the car was sitting in a zone that was hardly visible, it being in poor lighting conditions and in a turn. While the speed limit is only 50 km/h, most people ignore that and drive quite a bit faster, especially when traffic is low - as it was around this time of evening. At the first traffic lights I made a turn and headed back to assist. After parking my car a bit further on a parking zone, I grabbed my coat and safety jacket and crossed the road towards the woman, who by now had found her safety triangle and was standing near the bridge talking on her cellphone.

As I approached I heard her say "yeah, that's OK. There's already someone here to help. See you in a few". As she was finishing up her conversation, I grabbed the safety triangle out of her hands and went to put it up a couple of meters further to secure the area the best as possible for the time being. As I returned, I check what had happened. She clipped her front wheel on the curbstones after trying to avoid another driver that swerved out of his lane.

Her brother in law was already on the way to assist, but I decided that since I was there already we could start jacking up the car and replacing the front tire. While she grabbed a safety jacket too - I told her to walk back a couple of meters as I wasn't planning on getting splattered under a car by some driver that had missed our warning signs - I grabbed the spare and started working on the issue at hand. Unfortunately, there was no way to get the clipped wheel off the car as it had some kind of security lock on it, and the correct key was nowhere to be found in the car. As her brother in law arrived, I explained the problem we were having and they tried to fix it, but failed too. While they were working on the car I went over to signal other drivers into the middle lane.

To cut a long story short : they ended up driving the car a couple of meters further, off the road and parked it there so their dealer could provide them with the correct key the day after, so they could replace the wheel.

It took 45 minutes of my time, it was damn cold outside, yet I feel that I did the right thing. It was quite obvious that no one else was even thinking about pulling over to assist, or didn't realize the hazards of the situation present. What's 45 minutes in a lifetime when you can help someone else out or prevent more serious damage or loss of lives?

Yeah, I started off 2008 quite well... (pounds on chest)

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A beautiful start of the year! Congratulations!

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