Mastermind vs Chess

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Thanks for the comments ladies! Ash, glad to hear your still with the agency, but are free from your difficult customer. Apparently you do like your job, and quitting over just one case that's giving you a hard time would be such a loss for everyone else. I guess everyone gains now.

I hope I wasn't too vague in my previous post and that people are starting to think something is amiss with my career or how things are at work. Actually we've gone from a highly volatile and explosive situation that was rapidly evolving into a trench war with both sides becoming utterly defensive and unmovable to a somehow more stable situation where - while not all issues are cleared out, far from - we are all able to see middle ground again. We have become more flexible, they have started to understand our gripes and things are slowly improving, at least that's how I feel about it.

No, the situation I was writing about yesterday was mostly about workload and available resources, with one being very high and the other rather scarce. I'll leave it up to you, reader, to connect the dots. However - and that just shows how quickly things can change - a much larger storm is brewing, in which we will just end up a toy in the hands of other forces.

I won't disclose anything about that yet though, as I don't know what's up, and I don't feel like writing hypothetical stories that end up incorrect, incomplete or exaggerated. Rest assured that if things change and an update is warranted, I'll write about it here. One side of me is definitely looking forward to being part of the game, the other side thinks "crap, I'll be a tiny game piece in a large game of chess". I don't mind a good game of chess, but I'd rather be the strategist behind the pieces instead of one of the pieces myself. On the other hand, it's not my game of chess, why would I care?

Lol, that didn't really make things more clear, did it? I confused myself, hehe. To cut a short and unraveling story even shorter : the fool is the one who is not prepared for what may come.

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