Planet Terror


As I'll be starting a series of graveyard shifts tomorrow - well, technically it would be today - I decided not to head off to bed too early. Instead of watching TV or browsing the web, I headed off to the movies as I noticed that Planet Terror was released. As you may recall, that's the twin sibling of Deathproof which was released earlier this year. I really liked Deathproof and I could almost write that Planet Terror is even better but it's not : it's different.

Both movies are slashers, blood and gore are the key ingredients, both do an excellent job at setting a certain atmosphere, so you may wonder where they actually differ? Planet Terror is fucking hilarious, that's what sets them apart! While Deathproof had it's funny moments, Planet Terror had me laughing out loud several times, and so did some others in the audience. The whole movie is so over the top that you can only laugh with it, and then Robert Rodriguez throws in a couple of jokes that just make it even better.

Nadia, I think you'll like this one.

Note to self : add both movies to wishlist


Coincidentally I went to the movies yesterday as well, and Planet Terror was definitely an option. But I went to Mr Brooks instead. Pretty good movie about a big-shot business man and perfect father who happens to be a serial killer too. Big names like Kevin Costner and Demi Moore add to the flair of it (although I didn't know they were in it until the movie started lol)

Next time I'll have to choose between Planet Terror and Stardust ;-)

Lol, I was staring at the Stardust posters in the movie complex yesterday, and mentally added it to my "could be interesting to watch someday" list.

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