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Everybody loves technology, right? Well, maybe not everyone. I know - not many though, I admit - a few people that are challenged by the setup of their VCR, and if they get a new dryer they have to have someone from the shop come over to explain what all the buttons mean.

Nowadays there is DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, Blu-ray, HD DVD, and a ton of other formats out there that compete for your attention and use. Some of them will make it, others won't. Some of my readers will be too young to remember the Betamax - VHS battle that went on in the mid seventies and eighties. Betamax was the technological more advanced solution, but VHS came out the winner. Around the same time, 8mm film was hot and miles and miles of pellicule have been used taping anything of interest. Good luck finding a way to actually play an 8mm movie in this digital age :)

Is there a solution to that? Of course there is! You can convert 8mm film to DVD. If you want to have a go at it yourself - do you still have that 8mm recorder to play back the film? - you will probably succeed in the end, but having a professional company handle your memories may be the best option. After all there is more to it than just a film transfer from one format to the next. 8mm films were often stored for years in a box, prone to be forgotten and no one pays any attention to humidity and heat, which are two important factors that affect the life cycle of pellicule.

A simple 8mm film to DVD frame by frame copy using software would decrease the film quality 30% to 50%, which would be unacceptable in most cases. To archive film at the same or even better quality, hardware frame by frame copy is the only way to go. When using that technology, each frame is captured as a digital image and later recombined to a movie. It takes much more time then a software real time copy, and thus is more expensive, but if you are committed to save your 8mm memories anyway, why not do it properly?

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