Uh, bed? What's that?

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Man, I don't even recall when exactly I made the change from enjoying virtual worlds to working in a virtual world. One things is sure though : time zones are killing me. Every time I'm about to head off to bed, a bunch of Americans pop on, requesting help and support and the clock just ticks away, second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour. I managed to log out, finally, about 45 minutes ago. If I were at work, I'd hop in my car now and drive home. Since I'm at home, I'll hop out of my clothes and into my bed.

Public service messages to some people :

Kleine : thanks for the fun evening and I must add that I = QT.
Nadia : find me that article about sleep training, quickly ;-)
Ash : Lol, you know me all too well - sorry for not accepting your myspace invite, I'll have to hunt down my login information and password, which I seem to have lost. I didn't bother looking for it yet, I admit.
Jerome : I've saved your mail but haven't gotten round to actually replying to it. Bad me!
Girls that want me : tell me. Don't assume I'll pick up the hints. Listen to what Ash had to say.
Bed : get ready, here I come!

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Found them and mailed them to you, ServMe. :-)

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