Tai, the sequel


I think a new name for this blog may be in order soon. Instead of friedkitten I should name it peekitten or wetkitten, who knows? Anyway, this morning I called the vet to see when they had a consult today and it turned out my regular vet was on holiday (I should have known) and that a colleague was filling in for her. She told me to come over around ten and after I gave her a quick overview of his history she examined Tai. He'll be staying in for a couple of hours - I didn't expect to go so the vet till this afternoon, so he had been eating - to sober him up, sedate him and draw blood and urine. She'll also make an echo of his bladder and if that looks good, no x-rays will be made. If she sees something that looks suspicious, x-rays it is.

I'm awaiting a call in the early afternoon to see if I can pick him up again. One option is that he suffers from FLUTD. When she has taken the urinary sample she'll check if for infection and crystals. If none are present, one option is cat pheromones which should reduce stress levels and may aid in solving the problem. I definitely hope those pheromones help reduce my stress levels too, because dealing with a cat that pees all over the place is not my idea of fun.

To be continued...

Update 14h34 : I just picked him up from the vet, he's still asleep. Photographs can be found in the Photo Gallery in a couple of minutes (photo's now online). Blood and a urinary sample have been taken and will shortly be off to the lab for examination. I hope to know something more on Friday - Thursday being a day off for most people. I've stopped at the pharmacy to get his medication as well, but they weren't in, so they're on order and should arrive around 4PM. Apart from being asleep he's also gotten a pain killer. The vet had taken a look at the sample herself but didn't see any crystals in it, though she admitted not being a trained lab person.

What was quite obvious is that the sample had a very distinct red color (quite probably indicating blood in the urine, which I had told her about). The sample was also quite clouded, more signs that an infection may be the cause of it all.

Oh, in case you wonder, the reason he now has a shaved belly is because it's quite hard to take a good echo of a furry abdomen - nakedbellykitten.com anyone?

Once again... to be continued.


Poor Tai. Hope he gets well soon!!!

What is FLUTD?

Our youngest dog, Gnuffy, is 4 years old, and has had 15 urinary tract infections. They suspect she has an unusual "pouch" in her urethra. Bizarre!

Thanks for all the get well wishes, people! For those interested in knowing more about FLUTD, check out these pages :


Ash, what a fun name, Gnuffy :) Hope she doesn't suffer too hard from her condition? Is there any way a permanent solution can be found, maybe operating?

Any definitive diagnosis yet?

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