Resolutions, not revolutions

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It's been a long week and I've got two more days to go. For no specific reason I come home and feel burned out, physically tired even though the only physical activity done all day consists of walking from my car to the entrance, cycling to my office, walking up the stairs (1 floor) and all of that in reverse 8 hours later. Maybe that's exactly they problem : a total lack of physical exercise.

A healthy mind in a healthy body, wasn't that something the Ancient Greek already knew? I could make plans to actually start working out, but I know how that usually ends up : a plan, which is soon forgotten, disbanded and thrown overboard. I'm good at resolutions, yet back at actually executing them, lol. There is this one lady at work though that I wouldn't mind doing some physical activity with though ;-)

Out of my league? Possibly. Especially if I keep on playing in the 29th division class I currently play in. Or rather where I act as a replacement or stand in if everyone else couldn't make it to the game. I think I need people skills. There you go, another resolution.

I think I need a revolution though...

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