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Nadia submitted a review that she thought I could have written about the movie "The Girl Next Door", and I must admit... it definitely sounds like me. Read along, will you?

In short the movie is about a Porn Star that moves in next to a somewhat geeky kid and, surprise surprise, they hit it off together. Whereas the plot is a little too fairytale-ish for me - he runs off to Vegas to save her from the evil porn industry - I did enjoy the movie, in a it's-Friday-night-so-I-don't-need-my-brain kinda way. Although if I were the kid, I'd probably have stayed in Vegas and started a business of my own. Oh, did I mention he gets filthy rich at the end with the earnings of his own "porn movie" (read: sex ed tape)? Volunteers can contact me via the known ways :-D"

But, of course I wouldn't have had that challenge posted if I hadn't taken a break from my regular tongue in cheek yet to the point style of writing. Here's my review after watching the movie (for the second time) :

"The Girl Next Door has everything a classic mainstream movie needs :a cute woman/girl, a shy boy who falls for her, some jokes and bad guys. Stir it all up, add something resembling a plot and off you go. Nothing worth mentioning, let alone blog about, right. So, what makes me like it?

Is it the insanely sexy Elisha Cuthbert? I've gotta admit that it probably has something to do with me liking the movie, but I think there's more to it. It almost seems as if the flimsy plot appeals to me - go figure. The shy kid gets the cute girl. Not instantly, there have to be a couple of bumps and trouble along the way, but in the end things turn out well. Isn't that what I'm looking for subconsciously? Isn't it what we all are looking for at some level? Love and be loved?

Yeah, that must be it : find a girl that you just hit it off with, that challenges you yet stops you from doing really dumb things. Someone who's there to cheer and celebrate, and to comfort when things are rough. Someone to hold and cherish, to let go and be a free soul.

Crap, did I just write down my own definition of "love"? Did I tear down those walls, even if just for a second? It scares, surprises and makes me happy me at the same time..."

So... that's my review, kind of. I guess that if I was to write it again in a couple of months, it could look entirely different, who knows. I must admit that I like Nadia's idea in the review to start up a business myself, however if I had to make the choice between the girl and the cash at some point, my reply would most definitely be "screw the cash".

Wait, that is a bad choice of words I think. Let's give it another try, shall we : "however if I had to choose between the girl and the cash, I'd most definitely pick "screw the girl".

Better? Still a bit vague and open for interpretation, ain't it? Ah well, you can keep the cash, as long as I get (to screw) the cute girl ;-)


ServMe, c'mon. We know how you really are. In reality, you would have NO CLUE that the girl was interested in you. She'd flirt and give hints, but you wouldn't pick them up. At some point, SOMEBODY would need to smack you upside the head and shove you in her direction.

Am I right? Of course I am. :D Kisses!


on the flight from toronto to california this year, elisha cuthbert was sitting 4 rows in front of me. she's TINY. that's pretty much all i had to say ;)
simple things, yes?
<3 a.

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