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not there yet. I had installed POPfile on the machine of someone who is far from an experienced user a while ago and today he sent me some usage statistics that I requested.

Messages classified: 635
Classification errors: 14
Accuracy: 97,79%

Not too bad for a light e-mail user with not that much exposure to spam, but we ain't there yet. I'd like the installation to reach well over 99% accuracy before I'll even consider turning on automatic trashing based on POPfile classification.

For comparison, here are the stats of my POPfile install :

Messages classified: 13,880
Classification errors: 29
Accuracy: 99.79%
Last reset : June 25th 2007

So now you immediately understand why I need to run a mail proxy and various other related tools at home... close to 14,000 messages in under 4 months time - a bit scary, ain't it?

Oh, while I got your attention, make sure check out these links to security advisories and update your installed versions accordingly : Java Sun JRE (1.6 update 3), Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader (8.1.1) and Real Player (10.5)

For those that consider these patches trivial or non urgent : POC or exploit code is available and in the wild.

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