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something that's broken by design? From a European view on things, credit is a bad thing, no matter how you look at it. However, in the USA, you ain't alive if you don't have a credit record. It even appears as if you don't owe anyone anything that you are simply non-existent as a consumer, and no company seems willing to sell you anything on a payment plan.

Imagine walking into a dealership and wanting to buy a new car, but they don't want to sell it because you have no credit history. Even if you want to pay for it in cash, you may be refused. Hence, as far as I can see, the whole credit business is flawed by design.

If you are forced to work with this flawed system and play along, you could run into a "bad credit" situation that prevents you from obtaining your goals. Enter legal credit repair, a service provided to erase damaging information from your credit report. According to the information I was able to gather from their FAQ, it mostly boils down to doing a full audit of your credit records and making sure that all the information kept by the credit institution is compliant with federal laws.

While they even admit that you can do it yourself - after all, you are only executing your right as a citizen to verify and correct information gathered - it is a bit like going to court and defending yourself : you have the right to do so, but using specialized services such as a lawyer will greatly affect the chance for success.

So, let's take a deeper look at the procedure to erase bad credit. I think it is quite clear that the service offered is not for free. According to information I was able to dig up, they first audit your credit history, then request removal from all entries held by credit bureaus that are non-compliant with federal law, and finally they come up with a plan of action to improve your credit history and increase your credit scores by going for the most damaging items first. Does that sound a little vague to you?

It definitely does to me... I can understand that they don't publish their business secrets for everyone to copy, and there is much money in bad credit repair, no doubt about it. On the other hand, their promise to educate and encourage clients to take their lives back in their own hands makes me hopeful that people will start standing up against what is a predatory (credit) industry to start off with.

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