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I feel much better today after sleeping a good 7 hours, I guess I needed that. The sun is shining and as it is Saturday, the market is out so I may actually head over there and do some shopping. I need food anyway, so I think I can combine enjoying some sun and shopping at the same time.

I've got the option to write another sponsored post, as requests keep on coming in. I know those may not always be the most fun to read, but they do cover a part of my monthly bills, so you're gonna be stuck with them every now and then. I don't accept all of them anyway : last month I turned down one about satellite and dish networks, and 1 about marriage and divorces. I felt I had nothing worthwhile to write about those topics anymore so by accepting the opportunities I wouldn't do my readers nor the advertisers a service. I don't mind accepting some cash to review a site or a service, but not at all cost, well on the contrary :-)

OK... and now I totally forgot what else I wanted to blog about. Crap, gotta love the attention span of a goldfish!

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No sponsored blogs about items that aren't interested in? Regrettable for the money, but good for yr blog & yr public.;-)

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