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Tai got two shots, but was being a real baby about it. I spent most of my visit at the vet with a cat in my neck, which was rather funny but not the easiest way to treat him. After his antibiotic shot, he also got some preventive vaccinations that I had forgotten all about and I got him a new bag of food as well. Total bill was close to 100 euro, hence the Golden Boy title.

The infection should clear up in about a week but if it returns in two to three weeks, he'll have to get an x-ray to see what is causing the bladder infections.

I'm trying to solve some issues with an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop that a colleague brought with him yesterday, as it "didn't boot into windows". One check disk later it boots into windows without a hitch. That was last night though... After installing a bunch of windows and Office patches, the machine is slow as hell and barely reacts to any movement on the touch pad or keyboard. When I attach a USB mouse to it, that works just fine.

I suspect some core components of Windows XP got messed up somehow and/or faults on the hard disk. I had already verified that there were no serious virus nor spyware infections, so I'm kind of clueless what could be the problem now. I'm gonna run a full disk check now, but the outlook is not too bright.

Update 1 : 56% of the disk check has been completed and while looking for solutions, I found this entry on the internet : Acer Aspire 3000 keyboard failing, which rather surprisingly points to the battery being the cause of it all. I've removed it so that the machine is running without it and draws current directly from the main grid, to see if that indeed helps things.

Update 2 : with the battery removed, the laptop boots and runs very smoothly. I will look into performing a BIOS update to see if there is anything to gain from that, but if not, the machine will go back to the original owner with the remark that it has been checked and updated and that the issue is hardware (ie battery) and not software. Then it's up to them to decide if they want to take it up with Acer or Acer Support.

Update 3 : BIOS flashed from v3a24 to v3a32 - with the battery installed, the problem returns or rather remains. End of the ride for me - this laptop is going back to it's owner.

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