I get home from a day at work that actually went by pretty quickly and as I eat some Chinese food, I turn on the telly and have the following options :

Yasmine, licht ontvlambaar on Eén (Concert recorded on February 2007)
Sporza, België - Finland on Canvas (Football)
I am Sam on VTM (Movie featuring Sean Penn)
Unfaithful on Kanaal2 (Movie, thriller)
The Village on VT4 (Movie, directed by M. Night Shyamalan)

What would you watch, and what do you think I'm watching right now?

Update : thanks to Marianne and Hilda for the comments. Both of them guessed that I would be picking The Village, while I was actually watching the Licht Ontvlambaar concert by Yasmine.

None of the movies really sparked my interest and football is definitely not my favorite way to waste time. When I turned on the TV, I landed in the midst of the Yasmine concert and I stuck with it. I actually have a Yasmine CD at home (the real deal even, not some download and burn to an empty disk rip off CD), surprising as it may seem to some.


I'd choose Yasmine. Think you are/were watching The Village. It's just a guess.

If you knew yesterday what we know today, then Belgium - Finland is really a waste of time (for the Belgians)!!! Again, LOL!!!

Personally I have recorded 'The Village' (wouldn't wanna miss that, but we had an other appointment last night), so I know I have a least one good movie waiting for me. So knowing you like good quality movies too, I would say you took that one. Or you chose for a pretty lady, called Yasmine (wich is more relaxing of course)...

Marianne, I have it on dvd, you can always borrow it. I really liked that movie, actually. It had a surprising end, as do all of Shyamalan's movies actually. (remember "6th sense")

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