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Just a quick answer to two of the comments left on that previous entry :

Anon : maybe, if you are interested, send me your proposal. My e-mail address is on this blog.
Madame : I agree. There is also another saying : if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

I'm still pondering which one applies more to me... I'm not one that likes heat, but I like cooking ;-)

Ok, something entirely different now. Did anyone happen to see The Girl Next Door on TV today? Or maybe you did see it in the cinema when it first released? Anyway, I'm thinking this : if I was to review this movie, what would I write? Do you think you know? I challenge you to write up a pretty short (4-5 lines, that's all) impression of the movie, which could be written by me. Yes, I'm challenging you to pretend to be me for a couple of minutes, and write what you think I'd write. Those of you that haven't seen the actual movie but think they're good enough to write "my" review based on the information they can find about it on the web, here are some links : The Girl Next Door on IMDB - Elisha Cuthbert

There's nothing to win, but I promise to post my review of the movie later. Here are some tips that may or may not help you :

I like the movie. I won't be focusing on technicalities. I may even compare the fiction of the movie to (my) Real Life, who knows. Or maybe I won't. Be creative :)

ready - set - write!


My apologizes for not writing a review. I'm too ignorant re. the movie you mention.

I've seen it this weekend. Nice entertainment. Let me think for a while on what you would write and I'll email it to you, ok? I don't have time to do it now unfortunately, although I love the challenge I'm confronted with now(seeing as I'm a movie freak and all ;-) )

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