Knowing thyself


Lol, I love it when I'm right. It confirms that I know what I'm doing, and that I either did my homework or that my intuition was spot on. For those of you thinking that this is just (another) egocentric blog entry, you are correct, grin.

I "predicted" that the curse of the blue window was caused by "an old and possibly no longer installed photo manipulation program. After launching ProcessExplorer and popping the Compact Flash card into the reader, a process "agent.exe" started and that lead me to Spector Photo/Imaging. After verifying with the computer owner, it turns out he had that installed long time ago - it hadn't been used since June 2006 according to the installed program list. One uninstall and cold boot later, the mysterious blue window is gone for good.

I'm good. I may not be modest, but I'm so damn good ;-)


Good one, ServMe!

You are damn good indeed!
There you are. Now you've heard it from somebody else.

So Damn Good, indeed! And in more ways than one! Now, can you figure out what's going on with our other favorite site? I'm stumped by what appears to be some major drama...

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