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Just a quick entry pointing to Doomwatchers sound Windows and IE vuln alarm. "Vuln" of course is shorthand for vulnerability and for those of you not planning on actually reading the article, here's a quick rundown of important details :

1. vulnerabilities in windows API libraries MFC42 and MFC71. Scope : could be very broad as all sorts of third party applications could rely on these libraries to perform searches on windows OS based computers. Solution : none for now.

2. flaw in Apple QuickTime, allowing people to pass malicious code to Internet Explorer. Same bug and proof-of-concept exploit code exists for mozilla firefox. Scope : bad, as most systems have QT installed and users consider movie files to be harmless. Solution : Apple hasn't released a patch yet. Firefox released a patched version of their browser to prevent abuse on Tuesday. Update to firefox

3. vulnerability in Windows Media Player 9 series. Scope : broad as WMP 9 is the default player for windows XP SP2 systems, and even with automatic windows updates on, one is never prompted to install an update. Solution : update to Windows Media Player 10 or 11.

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