A game of chess?


It may come as a surprise to some of you, others may have seen it coming...

I think you all recall the soap opera called work (see Whistlers and Clows, episodes 1 to a zillion), and things have not really become more stable. I went in for testing last month and while results are available, those are being kept from us for whatever reason some may have. Yesterday I called my chef and asked him directly what was the status on the test results, he said someone higher up the food chain was pulling strings and advised me to talk to that person directly today. I agreed, even though I've never met the man before.

Today The Puppeteer called in a couple of minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start, claiming he couldn't make it. My chef called me and explained. I replied that I would call the woman who actually administered the tests, had a talk with me afterwards and who would analyze the results. He agreed and said he didn't have any problems with that, so I made the call, only to be told that as long as The Puppeteer and Those In Charge 1 don't make a public statement, no test results are to be given out.

I don't know what game people are playing, but I don't like being a piece in game of chess, where someone moves me as they see fit. Other developments this week have pissed me off in a major way, and most of the colleagues in the same function seem to think alike. We're en route to disaster and the roller coaster is picking up speed, and if one more mail, decision or statement is made without thinking it through, the brakes are off and the conflict could become uncontrollable.

I'm not saying what I'll be doing - or rather what I won't be doing - but those of you that can make a meaningful sentence using some of the following words know where I may be heading :

job opening elsewhere conflict end final straw decided opportunity take


I'll keep it short.

It is heartbreaking to see fine colleagues treated this way.

Whatever the future holds for you I wish you the very best. I hope you'll get the colleagues and the appreciation you deserve.
Thanks for your never ending enthusiasm and guidance counselor.

Ah, but I'm far from gone for now :) The appreciation may be lacking sometimes, but the most of the colleagues are simply amazing and fun to work with.

However, looking towards the future making a shift now should results in big rewards later. Taking one step back to take two steps forward, you know?

I have to laugh every time I read about your "chef." A "chef" is a person who cooks food for you... :D I think the word you're looking for is "chief," which means boss. But hey, "organism," "orgasm," what's the difference?!

I miss you!

Oh, there she is again, Miss "I know everything" ;-)

You are right, a chef is someone who cooks food. I think my boss cooks food, though probably not professionally. A chief is a leader of a band of Indians - or should that be "Native Americans"? - and I think he doesn't look like one either.

Chef, Chief, it's all the same :)

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