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Around 9AM I started cleaning the machine, hoping to be able to bring it back to life without too many problems. It's 13h49 as I start writing this entry and I've not gotten one step further :(

The problem is this : two DLL files are linked to the WinLogon registry entry, causing them to be be loaded the second I boot into windows. Once they are loaded, I can't remove the files themselves, and if I manually delete the registry entries that refer to those files, they add them again. It's a catch 22 as far as I'm concerned. I may try booting into linux using a live CD, and see if I can kill those DLL's then, since windows ain't running, the files shouldn't be in use or protected.

I've ran Spybot S&D, I've ran AVG AntiSpyware, I cleaned up my system using CCleaner and I've attempted to run Trend Micro Housecall, which unfortunately often caused my browser to crash. I may give it another try soon though. HiJack!This does find the rogue entries, and tries to remove them, but fails as the running process interferes. I've asked for help on the CastleCops forums, hoping the expert volunteers there may be able to help out getting this crap out of my system.

Half a day wasted with this already and not all too pleased with it. I had other plans for the day...

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Try going to majorgeeks.com They may have something there to dl that will fix it. Do you do private sponsored posts?

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