That's the best word to describe the plot of Hostel 2. Sure, it's a sequel and sequels are usually "more of the same" but this one really didn't add anything to the story. If you plan on seeing Hostel 2 yourself, stop reading here, coz I'm about to give away a bunch of key scenes, which would take the little excitement the movie has to offer out of it.

Bring in Paxton, sole survivor of Hostel. Off him and show that the bad guys are everywhere. Bring in Axelle, cutie that hooks, lines and sinks new victims, only this time they're gals and not guys. They had to create a new bait character since Paxton ran over them all in the first movie.

Bring in two american males who think they will change and become all feared if they bid and kill a girl in a controlled environment. The "I'm the man" guy cracks before he can complete the job in a proper way, who'd have thought? The "I'm not so sure about this all" guy takes a shot at it and kills one semi dead girl and then bites the bullet when one of them successfully negotiates herself out of her predicament. He just didn't have the balls - watch the movie, you'll understand.

Survivor turns the game upside down and finishes off Axelle, end of movie.

I'm sorry but the original Hostel had suspense and a new and dark environment. The gore, blood and insanity was sort of unprecedented in a mainstream movie. Hostel 2 lacks all of that and replaces it with nothing much. Seeing a girl get slashed over a tub where someone bathes in the blood while cutting her up, I can't say I had seen it before, but it wasn't all that special either.

Which reminds me : didn't "the factory" burn down in the original? If so, how come the movie features the exact same location in the sequel. Don't tell me "they rebuilt it" because sheesh... how lame can it get?

Now, in order to make things at least a bit interesting, here's my question for all of you :

If you had the chance to kill someone knowing very well that you wouldn't get caught or have to face the consequences, would you? Purely for fun, because you can, because you have that power?

Here's my answer (skipping all political correctness) : I won't say I wouldn't do it.

Does that scare you, does that surprise you? I guess some people think of me as a freak now, but admit it : wouldn't you want to know what it's like? In real life I'm quite the calm and non violent person, but I have to admit that I wouldn't know what the result would be if the opportunity was there. How about you?


well, it's a dangerous question. :-)
I'm sure everyone has said "I'm gonna kill her/him" at some point in his/her life. But what if the opportunity is there and you'll never get caught? I must admit, I'd give the same answer as you, ServMe.
Does that make us weird? No, I think that make us very honest.

What a creepy question! No I wouldn't kill anyone. When born in another culture with other values or in bizarre circumstances then... maybe...

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