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Clerks 2 was quite a funny movie, but not really challenging on a mental level. Nothing wrong with that every now and then I guess, there is a time and place for mindless starting at a screen, isn't there? On a side note, I thought Rosario Dawson (playing Becky) was totally hot in this movie.

I just had 8 pistolets for breakfast - hey, don't look all funny at me, I wanted to go catch a movie last night and have a meal, but I got caught up in customer support in SL and didn't get to leave in time for the movie - and read the Sunday newspaper outside on the terrace while Tai was keeping himself busy chasing flies and other moving and inert objects, and now I'm ready to take a short nap till about twelve thirty. I hope to go see Hostel 2 tonight, though that'll depend on what pops up during the day that needs my attention.

And now I'm off to a real life dream world, instead of living a second and third life in a virtual computer and user generated world called Second Life. When I wake up I'll take a look at the insane prices people are willing to pay for a full mainland sim - I bid for two sims (Wolf Walk and Earpoint) and I went as high as USD1251 per sim which was my maximum, yet I was easily outbid. Last time I checked the Wolf Walk sim had a high bid of USD2393 and so had Earpoint. Sorry, but that's not worth it for me, I may get myself a privately owned estate/island for USD1675 instead, on which I have full control, and that I can rent out, sell or develop as I see fit.

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8 pistolets for breakfast?!?!!!!!! I didn't look funny, I looked baffled!

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