Whistlers, Fraud and Bananas


I've got some updates on the Clowns Whistlers and Those In Charge soap. Nothing terribly exciting or specific, but news nonetheless.

Those In Charge 1 is kicking around like crazy, trying to set everyone up against each other, but some of us are no longer buying his lies and half truths. We've all came to realize what game is being played and are no longer pieces that can be moved around at will. Those In Charge 2 showed that he no longer cares quite clearly today, without saying it with that many words. I don't blame him, as he's got better futures ahead of him, and why spoil anything when you can just look and see it all go to hell and not get caught in anything nasty? Not totally fair maybe, but quite understandable.

Jarhead has stepped up a notch the setting out of his peons and chasing his own agenda while still trying to look as if he does it all for the best of everyone (or the company). I look right through him, and know what he is after. He may reach him goal, I'm not about to oppose him because I no longer care. Last week he proposed some kind of action in regard to something that had been developing, and I bluntly told him not to stick his nose where it didn't belong and that everything was already taken care of. He seemed a bit shocked by my reply and how I told him off, but quickly recovered and said he was only trying to help - yeah, right.

Yesterday Cabana Boy called in ill, this morning The Man called in ill, so we were down some folks and Those In Charge basically told of to follow the schedule as it had been planned before, and that he didn't really care. Fine with me, neither do I.

Another colleague will be leaving us soon, and I'm not surprised. He hasn't been with us very long, nor will there be a lot of experience lost if he goes, but it's another nail in the coffin.

Those In Charge 1 is not yet showing any signs of panic, but I just know that he's freaking out because things are not going according to plan. We ain't playing his game anymore and he knows very well that there is little he can do about it. If he or the company annoys us even further, more people may (or will) quit and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. I can imagine that if one or two more people decide it's been enough, it all goes down the drain very quickly.

I've got two leads in regards to another job so far, and I'm keeping my eyes open for others. I'm not saying I'll take any of them, or leave soon, but never say never.

Unrelated, but possibly equally important : why doesn't anyone seem to care that serious errors were made during yesterdays elections? If only I could find out where to complain, I would do so. I've mailed a couple of people, but none of them have replied : they either don't care, or are gathering more information before they get back to me.

The world goes bananas, I tell you!


Serious errors at the elections??? Can I be of any help in your research on "the place to be"?

It's also very strange that everyone is now complaining about the fact that the political families on the right side have gained a lot of votes! Didn't they (or most of them) vote for it? Or are only the pro-left siders complaining now??? I wonder! And yes, a political error is made and now we have to take the consequences! Poor Belgium (at least the Flemish side) will be poorer in the next 4 years...

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