Too hot to handle


What is cool to one is warm to someone else and maybe even hot to a few. I think it's hot outside and I'm not liking it too much. I perform and function much better at lower temperatures : I guess I run hot too easily.

The only real "task" I did so far was walk over to the store to get some food, and I'm sweating like a pig already. Which makes me wonder... do pigs actually sweat? Rational thinking makes me come to the conclusion that they most be able to sweat, but I'm not too certain. Or was the expression "smelling like a pig" and not "sweating like a pig"?

I told you the heat was affecting my ability to function, didn't I?

No new chapters on the "Clowns, Whistlers and Those in Charge" story for the time being, things are slowly developing and once they all go even more downhill, I'll report back.


You are right, pigs don't sweat.:-) It's "sweating like a horse". Those noble animals DO sweat. Some say: "sweating like an otter" although otters don't sweat. But I think the expression refers to their moist skin.;-)

Pigs do not have functional sweat glands. When a pig is overheated, it wallows in the mud to cool off! But yes, the expression is indeed "sweating like a pig."

I think the solution to your sweat problem is to come with me to the cabin in Wisconsin where we pigs will wallow in a waterfall! C'mon, let's go!

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