The Goose is Loose

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What do you do when Cook says you can't (or shouldn't try to) eat goose, Kleine says you won't find it in regular restaurants, but that it should definitely be edible, Madame thinks you should prepare it like a large chicken, and you feel adventurous?

Nothing - unless if you happen to be in possession of an animal that looks like a goose, is not a chicken and is too large to be a duck? In that case, you simply have to try it... Before anyone throws a fit that geese are an endangered species, protected or whatever : I didn't kill it on purpose. Maybe I didn't even kill it at all. Maybe I don't even have a goose, and all this is yet another one of my stunts that throws everyone off? Who knows!

Oh, keep an eye open for new entries in the photo gallery - once I'm done upgrading it, new content may be added.

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