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For those that may still think spam is not really a problem :

Over the past three years (March 10th 2004 till June 25th 2007) 171.339 e-mails went through my spam filters and proxies. Of those one hundred and seventy one thousand three hundred thirty nine mails, 162.310 mails were classified as spam (94.73%).

Luckily, my spam solution has a running average accuracy of 99.55%, leaving only 759 mails incorrectly classified. Those stats are just for my first layer of mail classification. The incorrectly classified mails are not instantly discarded, but all mail is presented to a second layer, where I glance over them - usually very quickly as I know the first layer of defense has a proven track record - and change an incorrectly classified mail if there is one. That change is then also made in the first layer proxy settings which will make it more accurate next time it comes across a similar mail.

Is your inner geek satisfied now?

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