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The weather stinks, Kleine just called me to check whether it would be bad if he didn't show tonight for the OLF party and Pinkie has other things on her mind as well. Cabana Boy had already said he probably wouldn't make it, and Snorrie doesn't know when his girlfriend is done working. Yeah, it's gonna be a fun evening :-)

I'm gonna show up anyway and stick around for a while, you never know : I could run into that one girl that becomes the love of my life. If that doesn't happen, maybe I'll run into that one hot body that'll be my love for tonight, grin.

Anyway, I need to get out more and when I plan to do so, everyone bails on me - while it irks me, I do understand and since I always reserve the right for myself to decide not to go somewhere coz I don't feel like it, I should accept others from doing the same.

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