Keeping busy


Later today I'm off to help a friend out who needs a hand. I've got laundry to do, I need to get some things to eat and I should be doing taxes as well.

So far I've helped a couple of customers out in Second Life, I've upgraded the Photo Gallery and added new content to it as well. Yes, the Devil Cat named Tai has his own spot in the gallery now, you can find him under "Fuzzies".


I think I lost my login for the photo gallery :-/

Err... where can I find the photogalery?


check your mail :)

thanks ServMe!
Nice pics of Tai. did he actually fall asleep on top of the tv? lol

No, I sedated him with a very large wooden hammer :)

Yeah, he falls asleep on top of the TV, with one paw dangling in front of the screen of course. He wouldn't want to miss a chance to make his presence obvious ;)

It seems like you've prepared and eaten a Canadian goose. Real wild stuff!:-) Wild animals are always tough, Chef. No matter how much butter or oil you add.
As for Tai, he's a real show off.:-)

Think I cleaned my mailbox a little to much too .... :-(( Can you send me the login-info I need, really curious to see those pics from Thai!

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