I need 36 hour days

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Over the past couple of days I've been busy, even very busy. I put in an extra 2 hours at work on Thursday and Friday, and I'll be working an extra shift today - it was planned for, but not in my "regular" (lol!) schedule.

Tomorrow I've got a full day off from work, then Wednesday early shift starts again. When I'm not at work or commuting, I'm spending most of my time in Second Life, working a Second Life job that's taking a lot of time and effort as well, but also brings in some virtual revenue.

Friday : party time at OLF (see previous entry) - Saturday : Birthday Party (or parties) - Sunday : sleep, sleep, sleep - Monday : night shift starts again.

I've received my working schedule for July and there are some unexpected tasks to be performed. I'll see what happens once we get to those days and tasks. While this schedule still looks rather normal, we're all very curious what August will bring, due to all the recent and upcoming changes.

If I had a 36 hour day, would I get more sleep? I actually doubt it...

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