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I'ts 08:41 as I start typing out this entry. Sunday morning and I've been up and out already. Yesterday I decided to head off to bed instead of wasting more time on the internet. Can't say that it's the best decision I've made in a long time, but I don't feel bad about it either. I spent some of my evening watching a the beginning of Assault on Precinct 13 - Maria Bello is hot - but I turned of the TV at the first commercial break. I had seen the movie at least once before, and thus I gathered all the mail that had been spread out over the place, and quickly sorted it into four piles : "paper recycling bin", "glance through", "read thoroughly" and "follow up".

Some the glance through pile I took to bed with me, so I had a relaxing environment to catch up on things. Around 2 I turned off the lights and fell asleep. I woke up at quarter to seven, and still have no clue why. I turned around a while and finally decided to open the curtains wide, suck in all the light and sun, and listen to the birds outside. I grabbed the new Douglas Coupland novel jPod - arrived on friday - and read for an hour and a half. So far I find it less captivating than MicroSerfs, but then again, I've read that one 5 times or so already.

I went out to the bakery to get some food and while Tai was chasing ants outside - and jumping onto things again, so now he's inside - I had a koffiekoekske and am listening to the radio.

I've got the sunday paper to read, and then I'll probably see what I need to do in order to have my voice heard in next week's elections. Last time we could vote till 16h00, but this year they close at 15h00. I have to work till 15h00, so that'll be kind of impossible.

I can fill out some paperwork to allow someone else to vote for me, but then I need to find someone willing to do so, vote according to my wishes and not live too far away. I could ask my sis to do it, but she'd have to travel quite far, kind of making the whole idea behind it worthless. I also need a paper from my employer stating that I can't vote myself, and get that to them along with other paperwork and my voting registration card. I think I'll ask Joco if he's up for it, but I'll wait till a bit later so he's awake. It's a Sunday after all :-)

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