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Normally when my alarm clock goes off, I jump out of bed and am awake - not so today. I turned around, listened to at least one more song on the radio and then just knew that if I didn't push myself to get out of bed right that moment, I'd fall asleep again and miss work. Not that I'd terrible care about that, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I'll be making a 12 hour switch in my sleeping pattern and go from early shifts to graveyard shifts.

Today is election day over here, so this afternoon I'll probably be watching TV, sucking in all the results. For some strange reason I love seeing the results flow in, see who did well where, and how the party leaders react to these figures. Unfortunately, I can't go vote myself today due to work, but Joco has kindly agreed to go cast a vote for me, and I trust him with it. Yeah, I'm strange like that as well : most people think of voting as a pain in the ass, but I even took the necessary steps to make sure that I actually can have my voice heard instead of just using my get-out-of-voting-duty-free card.

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