Death Proof : review

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So I just got back from seeing Death Proof in the theater and what can I say - or rather write - about it?

Quentin created yet another masterpiece? Yes, I could write that, though I doubt that masterpiece is the word I'm looking for. If I'd have to wrap the complete movie and plot up in a single sentence, this would be it :

"Death Proof : Entertaining and at times very funny - a dark ride with twisted psycho's."

Yep, that's it. I totally loved it and now that think about other movies QT did, his forté is setting the atmosphere so well you are sucked right into the plot. Death Proof makes me want to go out, drink shots, smoke weed, drive a muscle car and fuck hot chicks with balls. Mission accomplished, Quentin...

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I saw Death Proof last Friday. Kind of a weird movie, but then again, what else to expect from Quentin Tarantino.;-) It was enjoyable but I couldn't help but miss a plot at the end of the movie. Anyway it was fun to watch and I certainly don't regret having seen it.

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