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I was supposed to go work a late shift tomorrow, but I received a phone call earlier today from Those In Charge 2 to see if it would be possible to be at my employers HQ at nine AM sharp. Once our business there is concluded, I'm to report back to my regular site and work my shift as planned. It's gonna be a long long day, that's for sure : I'll probably leave around 7, maybe 7:30AM and get home around 22:30 PM at the earliest. I sure hope it's a one time visit.

I assume it's all for the best...

Update : After I was done at our HQ and was driving back home, I called Those In Charge 2, and it's good that I did : it turns out I wasn't working a late shift, but rather a day shift, so I was expected back at the site asap. Lol, the good thing is that I was done working at 16h30. The next two days I'll be working early shifts - different from the posted schedule - as one of the colleagues had something to do in the AM, so he'll be covering my PM shifts and I'll be working his early shifts.

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