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Oh, Lotsa Fun

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The weather stinks, Kleine just called me to check whether it would be bad if he didn't show tonight for the OLF party and Pinkie has other things on her mind as well. Cabana Boy had already said he probably wouldn't make it, and Snorrie doesn't know when his girlfriend is done working. Yeah, it's gonna be a fun evening :-)

I'm gonna show up anyway and stick around for a while, you never know : I could run into that one girl that becomes the love of my life. If that doesn't happen, maybe I'll run into that one hot body that'll be my love for tonight, grin.

Anyway, I need to get out more and when I plan to do so, everyone bails on me - while it irks me, I do understand and since I always reserve the right for myself to decide not to go somewhere coz I don't feel like it, I should accept others from doing the same.

Keeping busy


Later today I'm off to help a friend out who needs a hand. I've got laundry to do, I need to get some things to eat and I should be doing taxes as well.

So far I've helped a couple of customers out in Second Life, I've upgraded the Photo Gallery and added new content to it as well. Yes, the Devil Cat named Tai has his own spot in the gallery now, you can find him under "Fuzzies".

The Goose is Loose

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What do you do when Cook says you can't (or shouldn't try to) eat goose, Kleine says you won't find it in regular restaurants, but that it should definitely be edible, Madame thinks you should prepare it like a large chicken, and you feel adventurous?

Nothing - unless if you happen to be in possession of an animal that looks like a goose, is not a chicken and is too large to be a duck? In that case, you simply have to try it... Before anyone throws a fit that geese are an endangered species, protected or whatever : I didn't kill it on purpose. Maybe I didn't even kill it at all. Maybe I don't even have a goose, and all this is yet another one of my stunts that throws everyone off? Who knows!

Oh, keep an eye open for new entries in the photo gallery - once I'm done upgrading it, new content may be added.

I need 36 hour days

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Over the past couple of days I've been busy, even very busy. I put in an extra 2 hours at work on Thursday and Friday, and I'll be working an extra shift today - it was planned for, but not in my "regular" (lol!) schedule.

Tomorrow I've got a full day off from work, then Wednesday early shift starts again. When I'm not at work or commuting, I'm spending most of my time in Second Life, working a Second Life job that's taking a lot of time and effort as well, but also brings in some virtual revenue.

Friday : party time at OLF (see previous entry) - Saturday : Birthday Party (or parties) - Sunday : sleep, sleep, sleep - Monday : night shift starts again.

I've received my working schedule for July and there are some unexpected tasks to be performed. I'll see what happens once we get to those days and tasks. While this schedule still looks rather normal, we're all very curious what August will bring, due to all the recent and upcoming changes.

If I had a 36 hour day, would I get more sleep? I actually doubt it...

Some Statistics

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For those that may still think spam is not really a problem :

Over the past three years (March 10th 2004 till June 25th 2007) 171.339 e-mails went through my spam filters and proxies. Of those one hundred and seventy one thousand three hundred thirty nine mails, 162.310 mails were classified as spam (94.73%).

Luckily, my spam solution has a running average accuracy of 99.55%, leaving only 759 mails incorrectly classified. Those stats are just for my first layer of mail classification. The incorrectly classified mails are not instantly discarded, but all mail is presented to a second layer, where I glance over them - usually very quickly as I know the first layer of defense has a proven track record - and change an incorrectly classified mail if there is one. That change is then also made in the first layer proxy settings which will make it more accurate next time it comes across a similar mail.

Is your inner geek satisfied now?

Change of plans

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I was supposed to go work a late shift tomorrow, but I received a phone call earlier today from Those In Charge 2 to see if it would be possible to be at my employers HQ at nine AM sharp. Once our business there is concluded, I'm to report back to my regular site and work my shift as planned. It's gonna be a long long day, that's for sure : I'll probably leave around 7, maybe 7:30AM and get home around 22:30 PM at the earliest. I sure hope it's a one time visit.

I assume it's all for the best...

Update : After I was done at our HQ and was driving back home, I called Those In Charge 2, and it's good that I did : it turns out I wasn't working a late shift, but rather a day shift, so I was expected back at the site asap. Lol, the good thing is that I was done working at 16h30. The next two days I'll be working early shifts - different from the posted schedule - as one of the colleagues had something to do in the AM, so he'll be covering my PM shifts and I'll be working his early shifts.

Death Proof : review

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So I just got back from seeing Death Proof in the theater and what can I say - or rather write - about it?

Quentin created yet another masterpiece? Yes, I could write that, though I doubt that masterpiece is the word I'm looking for. If I'd have to wrap the complete movie and plot up in a single sentence, this would be it :

"Death Proof : Entertaining and at times very funny - a dark ride with twisted psycho's."

Yep, that's it. I totally loved it and now that think about other movies QT did, his forté is setting the atmosphere so well you are sucked right into the plot. Death Proof makes me want to go out, drink shots, smoke weed, drive a muscle car and fuck hot chicks with balls. Mission accomplished, Quentin...


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As I slept way longer than I intended, I'll probably stay awake for another night I guess. I'm off to the movies in a bit, and I'll go watch Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino, which is a part of his Grindhouse project.

Should be fun...

And so it ends (case : ELE721)

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I just received a reply about the election case I filed last week, and I'll be posting it here for everyone to see :

1. Volgens het Kieswetboek, art. 147bis, §4 :
“Ten einde tot de stemming te worden toegelaten, overhandigt de gemachtigde aan de voorzitter van het stembureau waar de volmachtgever had moeten stemmen, de volmacht en een van de in §1 vermelde attesten en vertoont hij hem zijn identiteitskaart en zijn oproepingsbrief waarop de voorzitter vermeldt "heeft bij volmacht gestemd” ”.

Dus de gemachtigde moet uw eigen oproepingsbrief niet hebben om bij volmacht te stemmen.
Bij gevolg moet de voorzitter van het stembureau niks op uw oproepingsbrief vermelden.

Uiteindelijk moet de voorzitter de volmacht en het bijgevoegde attest bewaren.

2. De voorzitters van de twee stembureaus hebben een fout gedaan.

- Voor het stembureau 213 :
Uw gemachtigde moest alleen een kaartje krijgen.

- Voor het stembureau van uw gemachtigde:
De gemachtigde kon niet meer in dat bureau stemmen want de vermelding “heeft bij volmacht gestemd” werd op zijn oproepingsbrief afgestempeld.

So, it turns out the president of the first election bureau did correctly follow procedure when it came to marking the paperwork, though both presidents made a mistake when it came to the number of votes that could be cast.

In short : an extra vote was cast and no one seems to be too alarmed by it, lol. Anyway, I rest my case and will consider it a fluke in the democratic process. Better be sure I'll keep my eyes and ears open in coming elections.


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I just yawned as if there would be no tomorrow. I could head back off to bed, but my colleagues won't appreciate that, as I've gotta leave for work in about 15 minutes. It'll be a busy two weeks with too much work and not enough time off. I get home from a nightshift on monday morning, have tuesday off, and wednesday I start working for another 6 days. One day off, then early shifts start again. When those are completed, it's the last weekend of June already.

Which reminds me : I still have to get back official confirmation my leave from work is granted, I want to go skydiving this year!

Friday update

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Not much news to report - I've not gotten an answer to the complaint I made about the elections, though that is not really surprising if you ask me. Either they take it serious and look into it before getting back to me, or they shrug it off or refuse to admit that there is a problem and they hope that it'll go away on it's own. All good reasons why I didn't get a reply yet I suppose.

In the next two weeks I'll be going out a couple of times and I'm looking forward to it. On the 24th it's pintjesdag and even though I have to work one more shift on the 25th, that doesn't deter me, then on the 29th it's off to the Openluchtfuif Nieuwkerken and on the 30th Mark is throwing a birthday party and so is Dirk. I promised Mark I'd be at his party, but I may head of to the other one later if time permits.

Nap time


Yesterday as I came home from work, I was feeling a bit tired. Around 18h00 I decided to take a quick nap, I woke up this morning around nine :-) I guess I needed that...

Thanks Hilda and Marianne for the comments about the previous post. Politics are always a theme that seems to get to people, and that pleases me very much. If no one cared, nothing would go right - or maybe things would go more wrong, I don't know. Some people are whining that globally seen the majority has voted "right", but as Marianne points out quite well, that's the way a democracy works. It's not because you vote left, center or right that the final outcome will be what you like it to be. Your voice is just one of many and while it is important to be heard, voicing your opinion doesn't guarantee anything.

Concerning the trouble Joco went through when voting for me : I've found an e-mail address that belongs FOD Binnenlandse Zaken, whom should be able to handle my complaint, or at least point me to where I need to be. I've mailed them a couple of minutes ago, pointing out obvious errors in the process and that I'd like it to be investigated. If I get a reply, I'll definitely let you all know. If I don't get a reply, then I guess I'll have to inform the media about it and see if that puts things into motion.

Let it be clear that I'm not attempting to make things hard on anyone, cause trouble or even am suggesting that a new election should be organized, but I am voicing my concern that if obvious errors and (not even intentional) manipulations are not being caught by the current verifications, there is no guarantee that the complete voting process is not open to organized fraud and thus undemocratic.

Update : the mail I've sent has been received by FOD Binnenlandse Zaken according to the return receipt I've requested (which doesn't prove anything though).

Sent: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:54:14 +0200
was read on Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:56:48 +0200
Final-Recipient: RFC822; [email protected]
Disposition: automatic-action/MDN-sent-automatically; displayed
X-MSExch-Correlation-Key: jeSZJp1Tkk+qZ/dKpHBOnQ==
Original-Message-ID: <466FE8F6.10[email protected]>

Update 2 : My complaint has received tracking number ELE721. (posted here in case I delete the mail).

Whistlers, Fraud and Bananas


I've got some updates on the Clowns Whistlers and Those In Charge soap. Nothing terribly exciting or specific, but news nonetheless.

Those In Charge 1 is kicking around like crazy, trying to set everyone up against each other, but some of us are no longer buying his lies and half truths. We've all came to realize what game is being played and are no longer pieces that can be moved around at will. Those In Charge 2 showed that he no longer cares quite clearly today, without saying it with that many words. I don't blame him, as he's got better futures ahead of him, and why spoil anything when you can just look and see it all go to hell and not get caught in anything nasty? Not totally fair maybe, but quite understandable.

Jarhead has stepped up a notch the setting out of his peons and chasing his own agenda while still trying to look as if he does it all for the best of everyone (or the company). I look right through him, and know what he is after. He may reach him goal, I'm not about to oppose him because I no longer care. Last week he proposed some kind of action in regard to something that had been developing, and I bluntly told him not to stick his nose where it didn't belong and that everything was already taken care of. He seemed a bit shocked by my reply and how I told him off, but quickly recovered and said he was only trying to help - yeah, right.

Yesterday Cabana Boy called in ill, this morning The Man called in ill, so we were down some folks and Those In Charge basically told of to follow the schedule as it had been planned before, and that he didn't really care. Fine with me, neither do I.

Another colleague will be leaving us soon, and I'm not surprised. He hasn't been with us very long, nor will there be a lot of experience lost if he goes, but it's another nail in the coffin.

Those In Charge 1 is not yet showing any signs of panic, but I just know that he's freaking out because things are not going according to plan. We ain't playing his game anymore and he knows very well that there is little he can do about it. If he or the company annoys us even further, more people may (or will) quit and tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. I can imagine that if one or two more people decide it's been enough, it all goes down the drain very quickly.

I've got two leads in regards to another job so far, and I'm keeping my eyes open for others. I'm not saying I'll take any of them, or leave soon, but never say never.

Unrelated, but possibly equally important : why doesn't anyone seem to care that serious errors were made during yesterdays elections? If only I could find out where to complain, I would do so. I've mailed a couple of people, but none of them have replied : they either don't care, or are gathering more information before they get back to me.

The world goes bananas, I tell you!

Every vote counts

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Normally when my alarm clock goes off, I jump out of bed and am awake - not so today. I turned around, listened to at least one more song on the radio and then just knew that if I didn't push myself to get out of bed right that moment, I'd fall asleep again and miss work. Not that I'd terrible care about that, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I'll be making a 12 hour switch in my sleeping pattern and go from early shifts to graveyard shifts.

Today is election day over here, so this afternoon I'll probably be watching TV, sucking in all the results. For some strange reason I love seeing the results flow in, see who did well where, and how the party leaders react to these figures. Unfortunately, I can't go vote myself today due to work, but Joco has kindly agreed to go cast a vote for me, and I trust him with it. Yeah, I'm strange like that as well : most people think of voting as a pain in the ass, but I even took the necessary steps to make sure that I actually can have my voice heard instead of just using my get-out-of-voting-duty-free card.

Too hot to handle


What is cool to one is warm to someone else and maybe even hot to a few. I think it's hot outside and I'm not liking it too much. I perform and function much better at lower temperatures : I guess I run hot too easily.

The only real "task" I did so far was walk over to the store to get some food, and I'm sweating like a pig already. Which makes me wonder... do pigs actually sweat? Rational thinking makes me come to the conclusion that they most be able to sweat, but I'm not too certain. Or was the expression "smelling like a pig" and not "sweating like a pig"?

I told you the heat was affecting my ability to function, didn't I?

No new chapters on the "Clowns, Whistlers and Those in Charge" story for the time being, things are slowly developing and once they all go even more downhill, I'll report back.

Hello World

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I'ts 08:41 as I start typing out this entry. Sunday morning and I've been up and out already. Yesterday I decided to head off to bed instead of wasting more time on the internet. Can't say that it's the best decision I've made in a long time, but I don't feel bad about it either. I spent some of my evening watching a the beginning of Assault on Precinct 13 - Maria Bello is hot - but I turned of the TV at the first commercial break. I had seen the movie at least once before, and thus I gathered all the mail that had been spread out over the place, and quickly sorted it into four piles : "paper recycling bin", "glance through", "read thoroughly" and "follow up".

Some the glance through pile I took to bed with me, so I had a relaxing environment to catch up on things. Around 2 I turned off the lights and fell asleep. I woke up at quarter to seven, and still have no clue why. I turned around a while and finally decided to open the curtains wide, suck in all the light and sun, and listen to the birds outside. I grabbed the new Douglas Coupland novel jPod - arrived on friday - and read for an hour and a half. So far I find it less captivating than MicroSerfs, but then again, I've read that one 5 times or so already.

I went out to the bakery to get some food and while Tai was chasing ants outside - and jumping onto things again, so now he's inside - I had a koffiekoekske and am listening to the radio.

I've got the sunday paper to read, and then I'll probably see what I need to do in order to have my voice heard in next week's elections. Last time we could vote till 16h00, but this year they close at 15h00. I have to work till 15h00, so that'll be kind of impossible.

I can fill out some paperwork to allow someone else to vote for me, but then I need to find someone willing to do so, vote according to my wishes and not live too far away. I could ask my sis to do it, but she'd have to travel quite far, kind of making the whole idea behind it worthless. I also need a paper from my employer stating that I can't vote myself, and get that to them along with other paperwork and my voting registration card. I think I'll ask Joco if he's up for it, but I'll wait till a bit later so he's awake. It's a Sunday after all :-)

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